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Beach Drinks that Won't Break Your Diet

26 January 2023

Beach Drinks

I know, I know, it’s cold outside (mid-January in Billings, MT) but many people like myself like to get out of town this time of year and head to beaches with warm sand and cold drinks.  However, those beach drinks can pack a big punch in terms of calories and sugar making it easy to put on some extra pounds during vacation.  Never fear though, your goals are still very much within reach.  After many trials and errors, yours truly has learned how best to navigate the bar menu options at those all-inclusive resorts so that you don’t have to make the same mistakes.  Someone had to take one for the team, so here we go… ?

If you’re looking for something sweet and refreshing, skip the Margaritas and Mai Tais which have 300+ calories each and go for a mojito.  The average mojito will have around 200 calories, but if you ask for no sugar or go lite on the sugar/syrup, you can save quite a few more.  Another great option is Margarita’s cousin, the Paloma!  It’s grapefruit juice based and a little less sweet and a bit tangier but will only run you about 165 calories. 

On the list of things to avoid, I would add Pina Coladas, Daiquiris, and definitely Mudslides.  Having heard them described once as an “adult milkshake”, one can assume they are not on this side of healthy.  However, it hurt my heart to find out that they can be upwards of 800 calories!  I would save any/all those drinks for special occasions or make them a one-time per vacation splurge.

However, another good option is sangria.  While still running about 200-300 calories per glass, these last quite a long time as the ice melts and the drink gets watered down.  On a baking hot day these are extremely refreshing and will keep you hydrated as well as not break the calorie budget.

Finally, don’t forget about the good ol’ standby Rum & Diet Coke.  While not super good for gut health, having the occasional soda isn’t going to be too bad.  They’re easy to make, easy to drink and less than 100 calories.  If you want to mix it up, try amaretto and diet coke instead – one of my favorites!  Other options for those that don’t like cola are a vodka and club soda with lime, a hard selzer, or a lite beer. 

Keep track of your drinks and make sure you’re not going crazy. It’s also advisable to drink a glass of sparkling water in between to help slow down and keep you hydrated.  Happy travels!