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your first visit

an intimate, personal experience

On your first visit to our office, you will find a clean and comfortable environment that is designed for people of all different abilities and sizes.  There is a handicapped parking spot directly out front of the building with a ramp onto the sidewalk.  The double doors open into a large entry with multiple seating options including a comfortable couch and sturdy chairs.

You will notice that that we do not employ a receptionist.  This is for two reasons; first to put you in closer contact with your physician and second to keep your costs down.  Many offices employ multiple staff members and your concerns or questions may get lost when messages are passed on.  We strive for an intimate, personal experience where you and your doctor are in direct communication through patient messaging. 

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      comfort and peace of mind

      Upon entering the office, please make yourself comfortable.  Help yourself to coffee or other beverages and there are free samples of nutrition and vitamin products to try.  When your doctor is ready, they will bring you back to their office.  There, you will find a comfortable recliner and a physician ready to listen and help you on your weight loss journey.  After taking your vital signs and thoroughly reviewing your health history, they will proceed with an interview and exam.  This is to gain a thorough understanding of your personal challenges, beliefs, and wishes regarding your weight loss.  At the end of the consultation, they will give you a lab requisition and discuss how to get this done as well as a list of 5-6 things to do before your first follow up appointment. 

      Afterward, they will guide you to the body composition room for your first Styku scan.  They will give you instructions on how to use the device at the time of your visit and there will be printed instructions in the room.  If you need help or have any trouble, they will step back in to help you.  After completing the body composition, you may exit the facility and enjoy the rest of your day!

      Our Mission:

      Our mission is to shatter the boundaries of health care by putting the patient-physician relationship first through use of disruptive innovation, provision of equal opportunities, and engaging with our communities. 

      Our Vision:

      To positively change every patient’s mental and physical health through the delivery of innovative and exceptional health care.

      Our Values:
      1. Integrity
        1. We do right by the patient every time. We do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.  When we make a mistake, we own it. 
      2. Achievement
        1. We have an uncompromising commitment to excellence. Our work is never finished. 
      3. Sustainability
        1. We promise to be good stewards of the environment and our resources to continue our mission for the next generation.
      4. Equality
        1. We will never exclude a patient or employee the right to participate, learn, lead or dream because of their gender, race, religion, ethnicity, sexual preferences, gender identity or any other identifiable differences. Great ideas have come from all different people of all walks of life.  The glass ceiling does not exist here and never will.
      5. Community
        1. Our community is our family. We will care for, give back to, and engage with our communities in every business location to create more opportunities for health and wellness.