Discreet Reductions is a small, woman owned company (WOC) working locally to support patients and their families. We recognize that many individuals are born and raised into circumstances that make higher education and career advancement difficult. In addition, many people suffer the effects of gender, race and weight bias on a daily basis. To help address these challenges within our community and to pay forward the many kindnesses we have received, Discreet Reductions has pledged to donate to a different charity every month, in perpetuity.


Our belief at Discreet Reductions is that it's a business's job to take care of its community.  This means taking an active role in improving the life, health, and safety of those people in our community.   It's our responsibility and yours to care for and protect the environment, create equal opportunities for jobs and advancement, and support each other in good times and bad. 
Every time you make a purchase, you vote with your dollars whether that business should or should not profit.  So, please consider how a business treats its community and who that money benefits... i.e. will that money stay within your community?
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Our Home:

We are so fortunate to call the beautiful state of Montana our home.  We have some of the most awe inspiring National parks, tons of swimming and rafting opportunities in the Yellowstone, some of the best land in the country for fishing, hunting and off roading, as well as the amazing mountains of Big Sky for skiing, biking, and hiking.  Our "back yard" is a precious resource that deserves to be protected. 

Therefore, at Discreet Reductions we are making a concerted effort to be environmentally conscious.  In our office, you will not find any plastic water bottles.  Instead, we have glass and aluminum with options for recycling.  We purchase all of our coffee from Onyx that sources only the best coffee from sustainable sources across the world.  In addition, any consumable product that you do purchase from us (i.e. comes in a wrapper, such as a bar, shake, etc.) we will take back and recycle through Terracycle at our own cost.  We strive to use only the highest quality best tasting products and have written to each company requesting that they change their packaging to more eco friendly options such as paper or biodegradable products.  We encourage each of you to do that as well as it's only through demand that most companies will change their current processes.  In addition, any items you bring back (i.e. an empty box of bars with 7 wrappers) will earn you a dollar off your next order.  

You will notice that there are no cheap freebies at the office - i.e. pens, bags, water bottles, and other promotional items. This is to keep our/your costs down and keep these poorly made, disposable items out of the landfill.  Instead, if you do purchase an item from us in the future, you can be sure it will be of the highest quality and last a lifetime.  If it doesn't, we will replace it for free. 

Featured Charity

This year we are partnering with Billings TrailNet, a 501c3 not-for-profit dedicated to expanding the trail network right here in Billings. We are firm believers in improving access to our beautiful city and everything it has to offer.

This April we donated to Eagle Mount, and joined them in their Cycle to Soar Challenge with our very own Discreet Reductions team. Eagle Mount is a 501c3 non-profit that provides opportunities in adaptive recreation for children and adults with disabilities.

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