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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to take medication to join the Discreet Reductions program?

No! Medications are not required for the Discreet Reductions program. You and your physician together will decide what dietary, medication, and lifestyle plan is right for you during your initial consultation. After blood work is completed, medications can be discussed again as needed.

Do I really need bloodwork before starting the program?

Yes. Updated bloodwork is a requirement for your safety. A physician practicing evidence-based medical weight loss cannot reasonably make safe and effective recommendations without basic labs. Discreet Reductions has negotiated with a local lab to obtain deeply discounted rates for cash pay patients. Should you choose the cash pay lab option, the basic lab panel will cost a maximum of $60. You may be asked to repeat this in several months to 1 year if medications are prescribed or significant lab abnormalities are found. Again, this is for your safety and health and will be monitored by your doctor.

What diet does your program use?

The Discreet Reductions 7 Dimensions of Health is a structured program designed to address each of the 7 components of a healthy lifestyle: Nutrition, Sleep, Physical Activity, Career/Job Fulfillment, Relationships, Financial Stability, and Spiritual Peace. The program will walk you through a personal analysis of each component and its impact on your weight as well as education to optimize and improve your lifestyle for maximum weight loss. Discreet Reductions does NOT promote any fad diets or the use of any one diet for all people.

Is this the ideal protein diet?

No! Discreet Reductions does NOT promote any fad diets or the use of any one diet for all people. We believe each patient is unique and deserves dietary recommendations and a plan that addresses their distinct health and lifestyle requirements.  

Does this diet involve HCG injections?

No.  There has been no conclusive evidence in the medical literature that HCG injections promote long term weight loss and also may not be safe for some individuals. Therefore, as weight loss doctors, we do not prescribe or administer HCG.

How is a medically supervised weight loss program different than other weight loss programs?

Many weight loss programs treat all individuals the same way with the same restrictive, low-calorie diet. They generally do not offer bloodwork, adjust medications or offer evidence based medical advice. Most are “one size fits all.” Medically supervised, doctor developed weight loss programs are designed entirely differently - they're focused on treating patients, not customers. In a medically supervised weight loss program, you should expect advice from a trained physician that is board certified in obesity medicine. Recommendations for diet and exercise, referrals to necessary consultants, medication adjustments, and lab work are an expected part of the practice. 

Can I be seen if I don’t live in Billings, MT?

Yes! Your initial appointment does need to be in person with the physician in Billings, MT. However, afterward, you will have the option of having online tele-health visits with your doctor through a protected video visit. So, if you can make the trip to Billings one time, you can remain a patient indefinitely anywhere afterward!

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